That moment when a single second is stretched into painful infinite time units. That distinct sound that you’ve never heard before in your life, a shock that follows it, you still cannot believe it just did happen and there is nothing you could do about it other than just wait for time travel to become a possibility and when it does you go back to redeem those couple of awful seconds where you let that thing fall apart.


Accidents have a distinct quality, they make things more valuable all of a sudden than they are to you until that point. Its been already 2 days and I don’t go to it as much as I used to, I already found work arounds, we are more adaptable than we take credit for, its one of our follies, we overestimate negative consequences.


This happened as my spouse is witnessing it in awe, robbing me a chance to come up with the best possible story, screenplay & direction; tiny little things that brings pleasure to life. You know there should be a predetermined limited number of chances in life where people can Ctrl+Z their actions/words, that would make life more interesting, well anyways I would’ve used all those in a matter of few days to un-say all the stupid stuff that I say to my wife that gets me in trouble. I would get jealous at other people who are more responsible and holds those for more useful things; on a second thought no Ctrl+Zs.




I keep forgetting that my phone is replaceable, very easily in fact.


People are more preoccupied with the smallest inconvenience to themselves than with the greatest tragedies occuring half the world away.

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